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    Default read values of userform Textbox and Checkbox


    I have an excel sheet that is used as a form (created using Developer mode). It contains labels, textboxes and checkboxes.
    Using POI I have managed to get a list of these objects as instance of HSSFObjectData (using Scala):
    Java Code:
      val file = new FileInputStream( new File("c:\\tmp\\test.xls"))
      val workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(file)
      val sheet = workbook.getSheetAt(0)
        val pat = sheet.getDrawingPatriarch
        pat.getChildren.asScala.toList.foreach { shape=>
          if(shape.isInstanceOf[HSSFObjectData]) {
            val box = shape.asInstanceOf[HSSFObjectData]
            if(box.getOLE2ClassName == "Forms.TextBox.1") {
                  println(box.getWrapText.toString) //==> 0
    But from HSSFObjectData, I cannot see how to access the text value of a textbox or the selected value of a checkbox.
    This information seems to be accessible from HSSFTextbox and HSSFCheckbox object, but I have not managed to find a way to access these instances.

    Can anybody give me a hint ?

    Best Regards,

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    Default Re: read values of userform Textbox and Checkbox

    I am not familiar with the classes you are using but the following construct is incorrect:

    Java Code:
    if(box.getOLE2ClassName == "Forms.TextBox.1") {   
       println(box.getWrapText.toString) //==> 0
    You should use equals() and not == to compare strings or other objects which depend on internal state. Also, getOLE2ClassName and getWrapText look like getter methods but you are not calling them as such.

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