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    Default addTab() missing

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using the Apache POI (poi-3.10.1) in order to generate a docx-document. The documentation says that there is a method, called addTab().
    But when I'm trying to call this method during a XWPFRun, a get an error, because the method is missing (see my attachment).

    Probably I make a mistake, do you have any idea?

    Best regards and thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: addTab() missing

    I see two possibilities: either the type declaration of cRun isn't XWPFRun or your IDE is not using the same version as the documentation you linked.

    What happens if you type the method call and try to compile the class? The compiler messages may provide a clue about what's wrong.

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    Default Re: addTab() missing

    Looking at grepCode that method only appears in 3.11, which is in beta.
    I'm sure I've encountered this before, where Apache puts up the latest code as the JavaDoc, even if it's in Beta, rather than the latest stable release, which is what I would expect.
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    Default Re: addTab() missing

    Thank you very much for your fast reply. It is indeed a method that is only available in 3.11 (beta). Now it works. :)

    I think this thread can be closed.

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