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    Question Change the font-size from a table in a word-document using poi and XWPF

    Hello :-)

    I change a table in a word-document with poi.
    Anybody haven an idea how could I change the font-size/font of my text in each cell?

    Java Code:
    private void adText2Table(XWPFDocument doc, String text, int row, int cell, int tableIdx) {
    		XWPFTableRow xWPFTableRow;
    		XWPFTable table = doc.getTables().get(tableIdx);
    		List<XWPFTableRow> zeile = table.getRows();
    		if (zeile.size() >= row + 1) {
    			xWPFTableRow = zeile.get(row);
    		} else {
    			xWPFTableRow = doc.getTables().get(tableIdx).createRow();
    Best regards and thanks for reading it,


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    Default Re: Change the font-size from a table in a word-document using poi and XWPF

    The whole API for handling docs in POI is a bit experimental.
    It's never actually come out of the sandbox.

    Anyway, as the XWPFDocument documentation says, you probably need to look OOXML spec, which this structure is based on. That would at least give you an idea where to look. Looks like it might involve paragraphs.
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