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    Default ExcelStyleDateFormatter


    I am trying to insert values in an existing excel sheet (xlsx). This excel sheet is something as a template for my java class.
    I am not the producer of this excel sheet, I just want to use it as it is.
    I am having one problem at the moment, there is a cell which is bound to an ExcelStyleDateFormatter (h:mm).
    When I am typing the value into the cell (online) everything works fine, when i am trying to populate the cell from within my Java Class
    the value is accepted as a text input. When I am inserting a Date object, it is formatted according to the format definition but if i look into the cell
    the value is something like '1.1.1970 13:00:00' and not '13:00'. Can anybody give me a hint how i can come around this problem.


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    Default Re: ExcelStyleDateFormatter

    A date value doesn't have a format. the String (or text) representation of a date value has a format.

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