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    Default How to keep track whether writing in a worksheet is finished?

    Hi I'm reading a WorkBook using POI and then highlighting certain cells based on my calculation.
    If my workbook has only one sheet then its work fine; but if there are multiple sheets then it gets screwed up. I'm doing something as follows:
    Java Code:
    for( each workBook){
      for(each workSheet){
         //do some calcualtion on the cells...
         highLightCells(workBook, workSheet, cellToHighLight)
    	private void highLightColumn(ExcelWorkBook workbook, ExcelWorkSheet workSheet, ExcelMaskingInfo maskingInfo){
    			this.outputStream = new FileOutputStream(workbook.getFileName());
    			String startPosition = maskingInfo.getStartPosition();
    			ArrayList<Integer> startP = this.convertPosition(startPosition);
    			String endPosition = maskingInfo.getEndPosition();
    			ArrayList<Integer> endP = this.convertPosition(endPosition);
    			// index=1 in both Lists(startP, endP) contain numeric digits of position.
    			//eg: position = G23; startP.get(1) = 23
    			//iterate through all rows after the columnHeaderRow
    			for(int rowNum = startP.get(1); rowNum <= endP.get(1); rowNum++){			
    				HSSFRow row = workSheet.getSheet().getRow(rowNum); // get the current row
    				if (row == null) { // if any row is EMPTY, poi treats it as null
    				// get the specific column
    				HSSFCell cell = row.getCell(startP.get(0));
    				if (cell == null) { 
    					HSSFCellStyle cellStyle = cell.getCellStyle();
    					//create and set a new font for this cell
    			// write back to the workBook	
    		catch (Exception e) {
    Now, lets say, I've 2 sheets in a workbook
    in "sheet1"- column-A, column-D and column -F should be highlighted. and in "sheet2" only column -C should be highlighted...
    But my program highlights column -F in sheet2 as well.

    I guess, when POI is writing back to the worksheet, I need to some how keep track whether its finished before it goes to the next sheet.
    Am I correct to say that? Or what else might be the reason?
    Any comments, how can I do that?

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    Default Re: How to keep track whether writing in a worksheet is finished?

    * Modifying current cell's CellStyle effects other cell for no good reason...
    * After trying and banging my heads for all day,
    * I found the following comments in <a> Busy Developers' Guide to HSSF and XSSF Features </a>
    * "
    It is important to create a new cell style from the workbook otherwise you can end up
    modifying the built in style and effecting not only this cell but other cells.

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    Default Re: How to keep track whether writing in a worksheet is finished?

    That's about right.
    The recommendation, which you just quoted, is to create a new style and apply it to the cell.
    It also says to reuse styles...that is, don't create the same style multiple times because Excel won't like that. I think it has a style limit.
    I've fallen foul of that latter one before now.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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