Hi there!

I have a problem with respect to the configuration (I suppose) of Maven and the encoding of a resource file.

There is a test I have written which uses large input data. For this reason I put a resource file to src/test/resources. While using Eclipse the test is running fine, but when I use maven, the test fails. From the messages it is quite clear, that the german "umlauts" (δόφί) are not converted correctly. I had the same problem in the test in Eclipse but was able to solve it by exporting it into UTF-8 from the database. But now I have this problem in Maven. So I reckon it uses the wrong encoding.

I have tried


in the properties and I have tried


in the configuration of the SureFire Plugin.

Both does not work the thing!

I can make it work when setting the InputStreamReader in code to use "UTF-8" but would like to know if there is a means of configure it the way that it works without that?

Thanks a lot!