I am new to testing Restful web services via eclipse and currently looking at the web services built by someone else. However, I have done debugging using Remove Java Application before. Everything works fine on the server and I can test the web services via POSTMAN or SOAP UI by specifying the server URL appended by the web service name.
For example the following webservice gets me the names of the employees in a JSON format :

Java Code:
I want to test similar thing locally. I have a maven project imported into eclipse which has the structure as follows in the eclipse Neon:

Java Code:
    ---> src/main/java
    ---> src/main/resources
    ---> Maven Dependencies
    ---> JRE System Library
    ---> Referenced Libraries
    ---> src
    ---> target
         ---> generated-sources
         ---> generated-test-sources
         ---> maven-archiver
         ---> MyWebApp
         ---> surefire-reports


I am wondering how do I test individual web services locally on my machine by connecting the database to the server. I mean something like this before pushing the code to the server:

Java Code:
When I run the above URL in my browser, I get HTTP 404 Not Found.

Right now, when I type the following, I can see the tomcat homepage on my web browser ( I have eclipse configured in this way)

Java Code:
However, I have a completely different project in my Project Explorer like the following and it works fine with the following URL:

Java Code:
Is it like I need to have something like helloWorld.jsp inside WEB-INF in order to my maven based project work properly? I don't have this type of directory structure as shown above for Maven. Please advise. Thanks

Image of the completely different project:

Trying to test web services locally ( Maven project in eclipse)-helloworldjsp.png