I'm trying to create a Maven build that results in 2 WAR artefacts.

This is for an application for which we have 2 versions, one is a stand-alone version that our customers can install on their own infrastructure, and the other is used in a SaaS setting for customers who don't want to host it themselves. The SaaS version uses a custom JASPIC module that allows login using our customer account system. This is configured using a single attribute in the glassfish-web.xml file the front-end's WAR file.

Does anyone know of a way to filter an attribute from an XML file and publish that using a different classifier.

What I want to end up with is 2 artefacts: com.ourcompany:our-frontend:1.0.0:standalone and com.ourcompany:our-frontend:1.0.0:saas

Anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this ?