Hey everybody,

thank you for listen my thread. I am absolutely new here in the forum, and please let give you notice I got not very much experience in java programming. Nevertheless I thought to go through the wildfly application server. I found much stuff on it, but most of them are outdated, so it is difficult to me to filter information out of this stuff. So my question is, what integration to use with eclipse and how it works.

For example for jsf stuff here (TheNEXUS | A Community Project the m2Eclipse plugin is used. I am using the Eclipse neon distrubution, and there i can't found m2Eclipse, but I can find only the plugin "m2e" (the update url is not working).

So what plugin I need to use if I want only a simple maven integration in eclipse (invoke goals to build and deploy web archives to an application server) ?
It would be nice if you can post some links that shows the general usage of maven in eclipse.