Good day to every one.

I have recently migrated my application from one locally maintained build server to an enterprise capable Build Farm.
The Build farm contains two kind of slaves 1. Windows Slave 2.Linux Slave

When I build the application in windows slave it is building the correct ear file, but when I build the same application using the Linux slave it is generating an ear which has few jars missing

The code base , the pom file, the Java Version, Maven version all being the same.

The jars that are missing are transitive jars (the jars that are not directly added as dependency in pom, but internal dependency of jars defined in pom)

Here are the configuration details
Java - 1.6
Maven - 3.3.0
Linux Machine Spec - Version 2.6.32
Arch - 64 bit

Do anyone have any pointers / previously experienced such sort of issues ?

Thanks in Advance.

Have a great day.