My project is in RCP. The product is created using Maven. My RCP project depends on third party jars. Currently we are adding these jars in plugin.xml "runtime". So whenever there is change in third party jars, we have to update the plugin.xml file. Now we are changing the process by converting the third party jars in to OSGI bundle using maven then create p2 site and while building, add the third party OSGI bundles in classpath. We have done the conversion to OSGI bundle and creating p2 site. But when we are adding it in repository, the converted third party OSGI bundles are not always get download. We have added below code in pom.xml to convert in to OSGI bundle and create p2:site:


To download while build we have added:

When we call "mvn install" it is not downloading the jars from "http://localhost:8080/site" every time. So please let me know what is going wrong in my pom.xml

Any help is appreciated. Thanks