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    Default Calling plugins from a custom Maven plugin


    I made a maven profile, constituted of some plugins.
    To let the pom project file more clean, I searched to define this profile elsewhere.

    2 options :
    - put the profile definition on a parent pom (I tried this but encountered some problems)
    - make my own plugin (I tried it with mojo executor api, but encountered somme problems too :)

    Firstly, I wonder if this is a good practice to make my own plugin in this case.
    Is Maven plugin API made for calling other plugins inside one ?
    If yes, is the API able to parse a profile part of a pom.xml and then to make the MojoExecution ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Calling plugins from a custom Maven plugin

    Making your own plugin is something that most Maven users won't do, so you're asking a question here that won't easily find an answer. I'd try to find a way to solve your requirement with existing plugins if I were you.

    I'm very confused what you actually are talking about here. "profile definition"? Generally profiles are maintained outside of the pom, in the settings.xml files. What about your profile makes you want to put it in the pom itself?
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