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    Default Convert Java Project (Old Style) to Maven Project

    Hi all.
    I have a complex java project (not mavenized), with a large number of libraries (jars) into WEB-INF/lib.
    I want to mavenized the project and I am looking for a plug-in (or others, any suggestions are accepted)
    that reads the list of jars and creates the pom file with all libreries.

    Is there anything to perform this work?



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    Default Re: Convert Java Project (Old Style) to Maven Project

    What you ask is impossible. You can't deduce the proper repository, scope, groupId and version from a simple jar file.

    Your best bet is to use the site and manually search for the proper pom dependency declarations yourself. That is going to be a tedious job requiring lots of coffee, but hopefully you will only have to do it once.
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