I am using 64bit Win8.1. I ran into some problems when trying to install an open source project. The project needs Maven Integration for Eclipse.

I have Maven installed as a separate entity a few days earlier, because I thought I need this module.

There is a Youtube video showing how to install this open source project. In Market Place of Eclipse, the video call for installation of Maven Integration for Eclipse (Luna & newer) in Eclipse. But Eclipse detected Maven Integration plugin is installed (I suspect it caused by the above Maven install I did a few days ago). So the only active button for this plugin in Eclipse's market place is Uninstall (Update button is gray out). I clicked on the uninstalled button in Eclipse marketplace for this Maven Integration plugin, the uninstall ran and Eclipse rebooted. Typed in Maven Integration for Eclipse, same issue - only uninstall option available. I tried a fresh install of Eclipse, same result.

So I tried to uninstall the standalone Maven which I installed previously. But in uninstall page of Win8.1, I cannot see Maven being registered. When I brought up the DOS box, I typed in MVN --version, I saw some info displayed. So Maven is installed.

Can someone tell me how I can uninstall Maven so that I can find out how to solve the problem of installing the Maven Integration for Eclipse plugin?

Thanks in advance.