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    Post Creating Enterprise project in Maven


    I am quite new to Maven.
    My requirement is to create a EAR file which contains 2 WAR file and the lib file contains a JAR file.
    Please suggest and tell me procedure to create the same using MAVEN.

    Once i create the EAR file containing above WAR and JARS then i can deploy the EAR in APP server.


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    Default Re: Creating Enterprise project in Maven

    There is no procedure, you read the manual and you learn how to use Maven. The same thing you do when you need to start using any other tool you don't know yet.

    So get comfortable with the online Maven documentation or better yet get a good book on Maven and work it out. To help you out a long time ago I wrote this article (which I need to update sometime soon), but if you go and copy/paste stuff from it in the hope you don't have to study Maven, you are going to remain very frustrated - Maven is not a tool that is for people who want to do the bare minimum and the internet is full of forum posts of people who do just that and then blame the tools and not themselves.

    Java Enterprise Stuff: maven2 - a copy pastable template

    That is as much as I am going to say on this topic, I am not going to respond to "so what is this" and "what is that" questions. Read the online documentation or better yet: a book. Good luck.
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