I'm starting to use maven and I have encountered the following problem. When you create a blank project type hello world with only one class, build the project I get this error:

-------------------------------------------------- -
Plugin org.apache.maven.plugins: maven-resources-plugin: 2.6 or one of Its
Could not be resolved dependencies: Failed to read artifact descriptor for
org.apache.maven.plugins: maven-resources-plugin: jar: 2.6: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.maven.plugins: maven-resources-plugin: pom: 2.6 from / to Central (https: // repo. maven.apache.org/maven2): Connect to proxy1.tm.minbas.cu:3128 [proxy1.tm.minbas.cu/] failed: connect: Address is invalid on the local machine, or port is not valid on remote machine -> [Help 1]
-------------------------------------------------- -

Classification of the development environment:
IDE: Netbeans 8.0
Maven version: 3.2.3
JDK: 1.8

Besides, I'm not using the default repository that is created in the folder of the current user, but I'm using a separate folder where I have all the repository, I do so because of security and transportation. The setting.xml I have maven configured to search the repository in the direction where I have, plus you have the necessary proxy to connect to internet access credentials. Thanks for your time and awaiting response.