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    Question Maven Deloy Issue

    Am generating jar using plugin

    same jar am uloading in to my custom repository
    <url>${project.distributionManagement.snapshotRepo sitory.url}</url>

    its uploading fine, but it is also deloying in to project artifact.
    In my pom.xml details


    sso jar is uploading in to com/xxx/paynet/ir path, simultaniously it is creating
    path with PayNet/IR_Services/1.0-SNAPSHOT in my custom repository and deploying snapshot
    version of sso.
    i dint understand why it is deploying in to "PayNet/IR_Services/1.0-SNAPSHOT" this path, i dont want to do this

    can any one help me to resolve this issue.

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    Default Re: Maven Deloy Issue

    I hope it is creating as a module, in a project. That's why it is taking path like "PayNet/IR_Services/1.0-SNAPSHOT". If you try to avoid the module, your problem will solve.
    see this for more info.. Maven Video .


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