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    Default Include new sources and exclude existing


    I want to copy java sources from projekt let's say from packet (in src/main/java...) to the same target but in {project}/target/generated-sources. When copying I modify on fly the source code by my maven plugin.

    And my question:

    how can I set in mvn pom.xml that maven takes the sources in target/generated-sources and do not take the same classes in src/main/java/com/my/app.....

    The generated classes in have the same package and the same name as classes in normal source: src/main/java

    Is it possible?

    I need it 'cos I want to replace for build source code.

    I must insert some source code in place of my own annotation (modify java source code) and modified file copy to /target/generated-sources. Than during build I want to use generated source.

    Problem is that generated classes of course have the same package and class names like the classes in src/main/java/com/my/app... and I have conflict in compilation.

    Please help how to do it!
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