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    Default Strange error running maven

    I unzipped the distribution, I created MAVEN_HOME and I put the bin in the path. When I run "mvn -version" or "mvn --version" I get the error:
    Erroroccurred durint initialization of JVM
    java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/object
    I googled and found that the error can occur if for some ungodly reason java.exe is copied to Windows/System32. That was happening to me and I deleted the java files; I also put the maven bin at the beginning of path. But the problem persists.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated,

    Alejandro Barrero

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    Default Re: Strange error running maven

    "I googled and found that the error can occur if for some ungodly reason java.exe is copied to Windows/System32"

    That is 'default java' behavior so you can run Java anywhere without having to add it to the system PATH; it is perfectly normal. What I can imagine is that it happens when you still have a java.exe in your system32 folder, but no longer any proper Java runtime for it to use, or the runtime/JDK was moved in an improper way. The path to the 'default' runtime that the java.exe will look for is stored in the windows registry.

    Try two things:

    a) add the bin directory of your JDK to the PATH
    b) add a JAVA_HOME variable which points to your JDK

    Be sure to reboot a command prompt so the changes go in effect.
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