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    Default Need help

    So guys need your help...

    I have project in Eclipse (check out from repository, Subeclipse). Before I can execute my programm I have to do the following two steps:

    1) I have to create database, by executinq SQL script (init.sql, project then will work with this database);
    2) I have to open my project in eclipse ( mvn eclipse:eclipse + refresh) and only then to run (execute) program ( or the class with main method, right click--> RunAs-->Java Application)

    So, my task is:

    Using Maven I have to automatize theese steps, so after project check out from repository, at once in command line I could create database and run main program !

    Maybe someone can help me, for beginner its hard task:) but how I know its not so difficult at all:)

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Need help

    Please go through the Forum Rules -- particularly the third paragraph.

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