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    Default Reusing code for a slightly different class member.

    I have a class that has an "extract" member. My goal is to use it to extract files and archives that may or may not be compressed. I'm using the compress libraries out of org.apahce.commons. The code for extracting a tar archive vs a zip archive is exactly the same except the inupt stream is a ZipArchiveInputStream vs TarArchiveInputStream and the output stream is written from a ZipArchiveEntry instance for zip files and TarArchiveEntry instance for tar files.

    Java Code:
    ZipArchiveEntry entry = null;
    ZipArchiveInputStream zis = null;
    while((entry = (ZipArchiveEntry) zis.getNextEntry())) {
    ... some code

    Java Code:
    TarArchiveEntry entry = null;
    TarArchiveInputStream  tis = null;
    while ((entry = (TarArchiveEntry) tis.getNextEntry())) {
    ...some conde
    What is the best/appropriate way to consolidate this so I can reuse the "some code"?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Reusing code for a slightly different class member.

    Moved from New to Java to Apache Commons.

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    Default Re: Reusing code for a slightly different class member.

    That is where an aptly named method comes in:
    Java Code:
    while((entry = (ZipArchiveEntry) zis.getNextEntry())) {
    This example assumes you need "data" in that "some code" section.
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