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    Default Data write and read via USB Cable


    I am programming an Android application that sends data to a PC software. Right know, I am using socket communication via IP and a PORT. I want to add a new type of communication writing and reading data using my usb cable (USB communication -- Nexus 7). Could you give me info about how to do this type of communication?

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    Default Re: Data write and read via USB Cable

    I presume by "new" you mean other than IP based sockets. Well, to write data via an type of interface (usb, parallel, ethernet) you usually need a driver for the OS you are using. Then you would need an API which allows I/O calls to write the data. Typically these are programmed using the JNI (Java Native Interface) interact with the OS and the aforementioned driver. So Android may already have that. But you would need something similar on the PC to accept the incoming data. It does not have to be Java, just something that correctly reads USB sourced data. If you are writing that yourself, then you need to search for the OS driver and particular language API that will allow you to access the port. Of course, depending on one's experience, they could write their own drivers (but that is an entirely different world that simply application programming).

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    Default Re: Data write and read via USB Cable

    Have you tried an internet search?
    Here is one page I found: Android write files to USB via OTG cable - Stack Overflow
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