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    Default Animating fling gesture on custom view


    Lately, I have been trying to implement fling gesture in custom view in Android. I have gone through this tutorial but all I was able to scroll it by overriding computeScroll method. What I want to do is to make it smooth. Scroll should look like android native scrolling but in my case, as I am invalidating view on every call to computeScroll it's ab it jerky.

    For my custom view, I have saved a start offset which I increase or decrease based on the scrolling gesture. If it is scrolling downwards I add some value to start point and If it is scrolling upwards, I add negative value to offset.

    Secondly, I have seen in this article, they are using OverScroll but OverScroll only gets context in constructor. So when we call startScroll on OverScroller how does it scroll my view's canvas?
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