In this reference document, it is stated about the stopLoading() method of a Loader,

they can still monitor for changes, but must not report them to the client until and if startLoading() is later called.
As per the English language, "them" in "must not report them to the client" refers to the changes. But as per the subject of Loaders in Android, changes in the data content are never really reported to the client, but rather, when a change is detected, the Loader loads the new data, and it is this data which is reported to the client, right?

So the question is that during the stopped state of a Loader, i.e. during the execution of stopLoading(), does the Loader load new data when it detects a change in the data content, OR does it rather just do nothing when a change in the dataset is detected until onStartLoading() is called and the new data is loaded during onStartLoading()?