Hello all..I am very very new to Java Programming (hell..this is my first post here) as I just recently changed my career as a graphic designer. I have only been studying it part time for about a month. I was going to try and help with rooting a phone with a locked bootloader. But this is COMPLETELY out of my league. And the other programmer who is really good but is not a fluent as a Java programmer. Without getting into all the detail's here, we need a should be simple .APK to make this work.

There are 2 different phones with the same problem and the solution should work on both. Here are the links to both.

ZTE Warp Sync
ZTE Warp Sync - All Things Root Guide | Page 8 | Android Forums

ZTE Warp Max
ZTE Zmax [Z970] - Guide, FAQ & Discussion - Page 95 - XDA Forums

Thank you to anyone that can help!