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    Default Several Questions :

    I'd like to get into Android Programming so before that I have several questions:

    1. Where could I find any tutorials regarding that?
    2. I can't get the Android Device Manager to work properly, adding a new virtual phone.
    3. Does the functions in Android are specifiec to that language?
    4. Is there a place where I can find all of the statements and already built in public functions?

    I hope some of these questions are understandable to you.

    Thanks for any assistance if given.

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    Default Re: Several Questions :

    1. tutorials are for people who already know their stuff so they can fill in the blanks that all tutorials have - get a good book to get a more complete picture.

    The rest of the questions are automatically answered when you deal with #1.
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    Default Re: Several Questions :

    If you don't understand my response, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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