So here is where I am. I literally decided to learn Java, with the intent of making an app that I have had in my head for a few years now. I have been learning Java, and while I don't know a lot, I do have a basic understanding. I have no real other languages under my belt except for some HTML many, MANY moons ago.

What I was hoping was if there was someone that might be able to just answer a few key questions to help me out. I have no clue on anything regarding webservers, backends, login authorizations, ... and these (I think) are going to play a role to some extent.

If someone could point me to a core concept that could help me get a better understanding of what I need to learn in regards to the below issues, it would be greatly appreciated.


1. App should use authentication so that feedback like system can be maintained. Also, so that limits can be made as to how many files each user is allowed to save and store on a database *(for instance: User account "LostInSpace", has a feedback rating of "3.5 scoops". They also are currently selling the maximum of 3 varieties of popsicles.) The information in the example, (the user feedback rating, and varieties (along with max allowable variety), should all be stored on some webhost. The user would log in to the app (Google ID perhaps?), and the app would retrieve account info.

2. Website should have automated tasks that clear certain folders on given days/times.


I have purchased domain names in the past and have had them hosted through GoDaddy. So I have an understanding of the process of purchasing a domain and hosting, but no clue on options I would need to look out for when purchasing in order to ensure that I can accomplish what I need.