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    Default Java Android Programming

    Greetings :)

    Me and my friends decide to work in android platforms and for start we would like to create an android game
    We all know java in a high level (i hope) but we dont know how to start.. after a small research we found some series of video in youtube from theNewBoston
    java android programming tutorials but we want to focus on game programming
    if i am right there are two ways to program in android platforms
    1. with XML and some java
    2. with pure java programming
    what is the best for game programming ? And if there is someone who can provide some info/sites about a game engine (we have found this site about engines :

    PS. i have found this site : Kilobolt - Home
    it's a good start or no? :P

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    Default Re: Java Android Programming

    If you're looking to program games in Android, your first stop should be looking into libGDX.
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    Default Re: Java Android Programming

    I used a game engine for android for a while called Andengine. Its very easy to learn and has an active forum with tutorials both on youtube and the forum.

    AndEngine - Free Android 2D OpenGL Game Engine

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    Default Re: Java Android Programming

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