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    Default Changing Shared Preferences

    Hello Everyone: I am using the Android PreferenceActivity to update Shared Preferences, and the code I have implemented is based on Preference Fragments. When the Preference Screen is displayed, I want to show the current value of the Preference to be changed, and I am doing this in the Preference Fragment class, using the ListPreference.setSummary method to insert the current value of the Preference into the summary field. This is working well; however, after the user selects a new value and control is passed back to the Preference Screen, I want to be able to update the Summary with the new/selected value.

    I hope this makes sense - can anyone advise me on if this is possible and how/where I would do it.

    Cheers. . .

    Tony N.

    Update: OK, I seem to have found the solution - for anyone who is interested, the process is documented here.
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