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Thread: Android Programming Book

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    Default Android Programming Book

    I have decided to venture into the world of Android programming. What I would like are suggestions for some good book(s) on the topic. White papers and articles are fine too. I am not targeting any particular area of app development such as games or utilities. I just want to learn the fundamentals and be able to take advantage of the devices capabilities.

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    Default Re: Android Programming Book

    The Android site has lots of tutorials and examples
    Develop | Android Developers

    A search engine about specific techniques often gets good tutorials. I go to the above site often. I'm about 6 months into learning Android.

    I went to Amazon and bought a couple of older, cheaper Android development books. They explain the basics. Android is changing so quickly that the newest stuff will only be in the current, expensive books,
    and they'll be out of date in a year.
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    Default Re: Android Programming Book

    Where NOT to go: the officlal Android Developers Google Group. It's moderated, and the moderators have been asleep at the keys for at least a year, so no new members can post. Everyone's gone to Stack Overflow.
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