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    Default Sava/load data from App

    Hi guys,

    I'm starting on Android with a mini game only to learn how it works beside JAVA. I'm trying to make a simple game that objective is get the best pontuation (like every game ahah) but I have a question:

    What is the method that android/java programmers use to save/load data off the app? I'am asking that because I really don't know how to make a ranking system that is preserved after I restart the app.

    I'am really confused about this, because I don't see any app with SQl DB associated.
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    Default Re: Sava/load data from App

    If the data is simple, you could use SharedPreferences | Android Developers. If the point is to learn about using SQLite, there's an old book called Unlocking Android that gives a pretty good overview.
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