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    Default Website with aditional functions using WebView

    So I'm developing a website where I can see lists, register produts and stuff but when I open this website on a mobile device, I want to be able to scan QRcodes, take pictures and stuff like that. I thought of making the website for desktop and loading it up through WebView so I can add the extra functionality through java. Is that my best solution for that? I read somewhere that using webview serverside wasn't "good", so I don't know...

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    Default Re: Website with aditional functions using WebView

    There are some app frameworks that basically generate a browser that provides hardware access via JavaScript. Then you write a web app and bundle it with the browser. I don't have much experience with any of these, but you could check them out. The one I've messed with is called PhoneGap. You'll end up doing little or no Android/Java development unless you write a custom plugin for the framework.
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