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    Default zooming into canvas - reloading bitmaps in better quality?


    I show a canvas and draw certain bitmaps on it. At start of the app they will be shown very small and I scale the bitmaps to 10px. The user can zoom the canvas. When it gets bigger, the bitmaps will shown bigger as well. But because I had to load them so small, the are don't looking good now.

    What would be a good approach to solve this issue?


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    Default Re: zooming into canvas - reloading bitmaps in better quality?

    What do you mean "load them so small"? I assume that you load the regular bitmap and draw it scaled, not that you resize the image data and then draw it. You could do the trick of caching a version of the original image that is smaller, but you have to maintain the original image at all times of course.
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