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    Default Creating a simple area map app.

    I'm wondering about creating a simple area map app for android - how hard would it be? I haven't developed anything for android, but I am working as a junior java developer, so that you now my skill level =)
    Is it possible just to create an overlay over the existing Google map of that area, so that it can show you the way from point A to point B? Maybe add some extra paths. The main idea would be the graphics them selves, functionally a very simple area map, where you can get the path between some places and also pop-up descriptions on locations.
    If it's not that complicated, maybe it would be possible to create the app from scratch using some libraries?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Creating a simple area map app.

    How exactly does Google maps not already provide what you are describing I'm wondering?

    And yes it would be very difficult, your skill level and lack of knowledge of the platform makes it so.
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