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    Default AVD does'nt work correctly,what should i do?

    hi ,all
    it's my first project in Android...and it's HelloWorl!
    but my AVD doesn't show the expression I've written ...
    it just shows "Android" word glowing...
    i don't know where the root of problem is???
    can you help me????
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    Default Re: AVD does'nt work correctly,what should i do?

    I tried running the AVD on a single-core 1GHz netbook with 4 GB RAM. It never got past that screen, either. It runs okay on my dual-core 2.7 GHz desktop with 8 GB, but I still don't use it. Google's AVD is super bloated and doesn't even emulate important things like Bluetooth. IMO, if you want to get into Android development, get yourself a cheapo tablet from or sign up for a prepaid Android phone.
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    Default Re: AVD does'nt work correctly,what should i do?

    I had the same problems on my netbook: 1.6GHz and 2G RAM
    I was able to test on my netbook by using Oracle's VM VirtualBox loaded with
    androVM_vbox86t_4.1.1_r6.1-20130222-gapps-houdini-flash.ova file
    from Download | AndroVM blog

    Also see:
    Buildroid for VirtualBox | ex-Buildroid blog
    How to Import/Export OVA Files in VirtualBox

    This allows adb to talk to Android:
    A lot easier if you add port forwarding for the vm, then you can just do adb connect localhost.

    Right click the image in the Virtualbox manager, click settings, then network, then port forwarding.

    Add 2 rules,
    Rule1 TCP 5037 (BLANK) 5037
    Rule2 TCP 5555 (BLANK) 5555
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