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    Post Radio Button Random Number Generator


    I have just downloaded eclipse. I am 100% brand new to java. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do this:

    I have three radio buttons: 'Max 10', 'Max 100', and 'Max 1000'. These are my upper limits for the button, which generates the number using the radio buttons to alter the upper limit. I have no idea what to enter, the most I have found is:
    int randomIndex = generator.nextInt( n ); where n = upper limit.
    I am using the android SDK plugin also.
    Do I use the .java, .xml, or both?


    PS: before anyone asks, I was told to put this in the android sub-forum.

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    Default Re: Radio Button Random Number Generator

    Please go through the Forum Rules, particularly the second paragraph.

    I'm closing this thread as a duplicate of

    If this is an Android question, answer the question in the other thread and I'll move it here.


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