Im making a budgeting program using mutliple table when i create a budget i call this method
Java Code:
		public SQLiteDatabase createBudget(String bname, String bpay, String bamount,
				String bmemo) {
			// TODO Auto-generated method stub
			ContentValues t1 = new ContentValues();
			ContentValues t2 = new ContentValues();
			ContentValues t4 = new ContentValues();
			t1.put(KEY_NAME, bname);
			t2.put(KEY_AMOUNT, bamount);
			t4.put(KEY_MEMO, bmemo);
			ourDatabase.insert(DATABASE_TABLE1, null, t1);
			ourDatabase.insert(DATABASE_TABLE2, null, t2);
			ourDatabase.insert(DATABASE_TABLE4, null, t4);
			return ourDatabase;
it insert data in the first table but not the others why is this and how can i fix it to insert all the data in to all the tables any help is greatly apprciated