Hello everyone,
this time I have a hopefully easier question. For my Android project I need to transfer some simple (POJO) Java objects between two mobile phones. The aim is to connect them together via WiFi (Tethering) and to transfer some basic objects like
Java Code:
 int id;
 String name;
 float positionX;
From my Java experiences I was thinking about using a simple socket connection but since I'm using Android I thought there might be a better way of doing it. I need a connection to more than one client. I guess it will be three or four devices. Secondly I need it pretty fast since I want to make a game. Thats why I tought about a Socket Connection but who knows. Besides, it will be one Server and several clients so a p2p network seems the wrong.
Has anyone experiences with this? What would you suggest?
Thank you very much,