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    Default Java and Android App's.

    hi evryone,

    i was wondering if someone could give me a hint regarding android apps.

    my goal in trying to understand java was to make smartphone apps.

    now ive bin into the book for about a week but i get the feeling that java coding /structure
    is completely different then making an app.

    im pretty much 50% into the book itself and i still cant seem to understand on how to start an app even tough eclips does start a hellow world app on its own with no effort on my end.

    i was actually hoping i'de be able to understand how to expand etc in some degree by now.

    on the other hand in the java application/project i seem to find my way around alot easyer.

    even build my own java assistent (fast browsing all methodes etc + info wich ive learned so far)

    so my question is am i doing something wrong/missing something?
    why so many changes to get the same result like the following.

    why does my android app have Xml (views)
    and a page where i can make/edit strings?
    why is the coding so different.

    for example
    ( public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    while in the book i get fed the following in all examples.

    "public static void main(String args[])"

    how is it that i can manually place objects in the android app and let it auto code and not it java app.

    im terribly sorry for the rambling but i am confused.(very!)

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    Default Re: Java and Android App's.

    Moved from New to Java

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    Default Re: Java and Android App's.

    Android apps are structured quite differently to a normal desktop Java app.
    So if you want to learn Java for Java's sake, rather than Android, then I'd not use Android.
    Please do not ask for code as refusal often offends.

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