hi to everyone,

i'm makeing a android application. In it there is a framelyout with a webview and at the bottom a linear layout as a menu.

the problem i'm havng is, when the program starts, the webview loads a website (with most parts of javascript).

now when the page have been loaded, i should log in with username and password, but when i try to focus the texfields nothing happens.
the keyboard doesn't comes up.

the only way is to go with the manu bar in settings and go back or press the home button und re-open the app.

i know this problem isn't new in android 2.3(.4), but i can't pring it to work. Also deleting all files (by myself) in the cache of the keyboard or using another keyboard.

If you have some ideas, plere answer me.


P.S. sorry 4 my bad english grammer knowledge