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    Default please help me invoke this call by reflection

    Hi All,

    I need to perform this call

    ActivityManagerNative.getDefault().resumeAppSwitch es();

    using reflection because this is a non public API.

    ActivityManagerNative is of type ActivityManagerNative (type is hidden to me)
    getDefault() is a static method that returns a IActivityManager object instance (the type IActivityManager is also hidden to me)
    resumeAppSwitches() is a method of IActivityManager.

    I tried this code :

    Class <?> AMN = Class.forName("android.os.ActivityManagerNative");
    Method getDefault = AMN.getMethod("getDefault", new Class[] {void.class});
    Object iam = getDefault.invoke(null, new Object[]{});
    Method resumeAppSwitches = iam.getClass().getMethod("resumeAppSwitches", new Class[] {void.class});
    resumeAppSwitches.invoke(iam, new Object[]{});

    Is this equivalent to the 'direct' call ?


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    Default Re: please help me invoke this call by reflection

    Quote Originally Posted by dextermagnific View Post
    Class <?> AMN = Class.forName("android.os.ActivityManagerNative");
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