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    Question One picture for each texture, or all in one picture

    Hi guys. So I am making this 2d android game, and I am currently working with the textures. I have always found it obvious to keep each texture in a separate file, but just some days ago when I was trying to fix a minecraft texture pack that I had downloaded I noticed that all the terrain textures were kept in one image file.
    So my question is what is easiest for the computer to process/what will run smoothest: Keeping all textures in separate image files, or keeping them all in one big?

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    Default Re: One picture for each texture, or all in one picture

    I'm not sure what's easiest for the processor/memory, but I can speak from experience that a lot of games do it the other way: one file for each texture. For animated sprites however, the standard is to keep the sprites animations in one texture.

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