Im trying to make my game react so that you can drag a character using your finger.
Ofcourse this is a very hard task for an anroid, so instead of managing to give me the action using getAction() it returns a "masked" value.
To unmask this value one is suppose to do event.getAction()&MotionEvent.ACTION_MASK
Ofcourse this does not work either!

So I tried to log every possible input that the method recives:
Log.d(TAG, "Actual Action: "+(event.getAction()&MotionEvent.ACTION_MASK)) ;
Log.d(TAG, "Action: "+event.getAction());
Log.d(TAG, "Index: "+event.getActionIndex());
Log.d(TAG,"Mask" + event.getActionMasked());
Will output:
Actual Action: 0
Action: 0
Index: 0
Nomather where I drag nor howlong I drag.
CONCLUSION: ANDROID does not listen to MY drag events.

So I found this method called: onDragEvent
It never fires AT ALL.

I truely hate the incompetent creators of android and I wish them all the worst.
BUT I must do a game in android so I would appreciate if someone has bypassed this problem in any tricky way?