I'm trying to connect Android (2.2.1. on a tablet pc) to MCU and command a servo motor, via ethernet (enc28j60 shield).

First to make sure that MCU is up and running over ethernet, I connected the whole circuit to my router and performed ping (windows xp) and all ok.

The tablet's ethernet port also tested separately and all ok, so no physical problem exists.

Now on software part, I don't know how to configure ethernet port on linux / android so that to accept connections of type 'ethernet 10Mbit/s'

Could you please point me to the right information?

Also, my aim is not to lose the configuration for 100Mbit/s but just add the 10Mbit/s, because my tablet does not have any other port and I can use ADB to pc only over ethernet 100Mbit/s, so I must not lose that config., having it working.

Any suggestions please?