I'm trying to see if I can make use of this project here:
JavaANPR - Automatic number plate recognition system

Which is targetted at general java more than Android.

I made a JAR file out of the class build files by using the JAR command.
A copy of which I've made available here:

Now I've added this to the package into my project using the instructions here:
java - Correct way to add lib/*.jar to an IntelliJ IDEA project? - Stack Overflow

Which has worked for an Apache JAR i've imported.
But for some reason it's absolutley refusing to see any javaanpr pacakage to import

import javaanpr.intelligence.*;
returns the error message

package javaanpr.intelligence does not exist

Yet from within IntelliJ I can look into the JAR File and see classes with package names that seem to match what I'm trying to do here?

Any help appreciated!