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    Red face Developing an app without user interaction

    Hi all,

    As I'm starting to learn about Android, I notice that everything is focused on there being a user, much like I as a consumer use smart phones. Much is about graphical user interfaces. But I want to develop a couple of apps which have no human interaction, other than start/stop.

    Android also seems to stress multitasking and interrupt handling. But I could simply disable most functionality, like the phone, the display and the touch screen, when my app is running.

    One app would take pictures and analyze some of their content.
    Another app would scan and register bluetooth devices.
    (I'll certainly come back to these application ideas as I advance on them)

    I suppose I won't use many Activity Components! Is there anything I should think about when I skip all the book chapters about graphic classes and resources? Because I feel like I'm about to use Android for something it wasn't at all intended for. Still, I need a pocket sized computer for my apps, so Android is the only choice.
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