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    Default Date value passed to a web service

    Hi everyone,

    I'm building an Android app and need to pass a date value into a web service. I've created a standard date variable that grabs the current date and time, then used the SimpleDateFormat method to convert it into a String of my desired format but then I need to convert that string back to a date object so it can be given to the web service.

    I've tried the following however it doesn't convert utilDate into the desired format?;

    java.util.Date utilDate = null;
    Date rightNow = new Date();
    String TodayDate;

    SimpleDateFormat dateformatMddyyyy = new SimpleDateFormat("M-dd-yyyy");
    StringBuilder nowMddyyyy = new StringBuilder( dateformatMddyyyy.format( rightNow ) );
    TodayDate = nowMddyyyy.toString();
    try {
    utilDate = dateformatMddyyyy.parse(TodayDate);
    } catch (ParseException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    I'm very new to Java so I appologise if there is a glaringly obvious way to do this!

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    Default Re: Date value passed to a web service

    I've just discovered the variable which already creates the date in the format that I need but passing it to the web service produces an error that says 'Cannot Serialize' ?

    Anyone know what that means?

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