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    Default Set Global variable value

    I am building a app and no 0 about JAVA

    JavaScript yes but no help with this

    below is my code that validate the users logon

    Java Code:
    ArrayList<NameValuePair> postParameters = new ArrayList<NameValuePair>();
    postParameters.add(new BasicNameValuePair("useremail", ue.getText().toString()));
    postParameters.add(new BasicNameValuePair("password", pw.getText().toString()));
    // String valid <> "0";
    String response = null;
    try {
    response = CustomHttpClient.executeHttpPost("http://mysite/mssp/logonvalidation.asp",postParameters);
    String res = response.toString();
    // res = res.trim();
    res = res.replaceAll("\\s+", "");
    // error.setText(res);
    if (res.equals("0"))
    error.setText("Invalid user email and/or password Logon");
    //I need to set UserID to res value here
    //Then how do I retrieve it in other views
    } catch (Exception e) {
    Thank you for any help

    I am strickly an ASP developer and this is my first attempt with android apps

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    Default Re: Set Global variable value

    I don't know Android, but I do know that to get help on a forum, you need to ask a question.


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    Default Re: Set Global variable value

    For "globals" java does not have them, but you can "emulate" them, this is not a pritty solution but it works, make a object and on that object make feilds you would like to have as your globals make sure you do your getters and setters for them. Next use the singalton princiapal for that object. It cheap not pritty but it works, I do this for the main activity in my apps, since I like to break the listeners out into other files, and I need a way to get back to the main activity (unless some one can point out a better away)
    Michael P. O'Connor

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