Hi every one :-) ,
I have just started with eclipse and i have been playing around just trying to get used to eclipse and what it can do .
I have started a new Android project and i have added a picture and a button just the basics :-) but i was wondering when
i open my main.xml there are the graphical layout and main xml parts this is where i have put a button and picture :-)
but now i want to add another page so i have right clicked on my project , selected new then other then Android xml file
then that takes me to New Android xml file there i have enter info.xlm as my file
and it ask for what type of resource so i checked layout then i selected the root element for the xml file which was LinearLayout
all has gone good i can add yet again button, text, picture etc but i am wondering how do i link my button on my main xml file to
my second page info.xml. Confussed i hope not in simple terms i want to link one page to a other page via a button or simular.
The second thing i want advice on is what is the best way to just add simple text.
I have seen in the text fields a plain text i have dragged one of those to my graphical layout area then i have right clicked edit
text then after that i am a little confussed because it takes me to a resource chooser box and after that i am still a little confussed
in what i should do next.
If some one could just tell me how i should add text to my layout i would be very happy :-).
thank you for reading :-)