My crumby DVR (security dvr not tivo) has a remote access page that will run ONLY on internet explorer because it uses active x. This means I can't run it on any other awesome browser and no phones :(. I want to re write it a little bit, all I need is the log in so I need to re write this a little bit so it will work on all browsers once that happens i can port it to my phone. the video stream comes unprotected and can be viewed decently through its RTSP I just can't control anything. My thoughts are to make a simple webpage with the video streams coming in via RTSP and when you log in you can send commands and can muk about the settings its just the java uses active x and theres a weird server side script I can't make heads or tails of.

Here is my log on page, for a limited time I set it back to defaults... Username: ADMINISTRATOR Password: 000000..

Feel free to mess around I unhooked all cameras except for one, the only thing I ask is that someone look at the source code and take a look at the Java and help me make heads/tails of what I don't need I want to make just a basic log in!

ohh if you want to just stream the video through RTSP then the RTSP link in rtsp:// ohh and the DVR is a Bosch 600 series a 650-16A to be precise!

Don't care what you do, this thing is useless to me if I can't CONTROL it from my phone like they told me.

What's the best way to go about this?